Recent portraits of inspiring creatives I have enjoyed working with.

Portrait Photography
A selection of diverse portraits from recent photoshoots. All shot on in the client’s location of choice using a natural/ambient light and/or portable studio lighting.

Luke Jaaniste, sound artist, director of Mesmersim Inc, co-director of Theatre of Thunder

Elizabeth Gunther, Sydney based Music Theatre performer

Catherine Gunther, Gold Coast based country music singer-songwriter, music journalist, director of the Raven Project

Happily Every After, Chapel of Love, Jungle Love Festival 2017

Megan Janet White, performance artist, choreographer, co-director of Theatre of Thunder

Dr Gunnar Mikalson Kvifte a.k.a. Notorious PhD, Norwegian entomologist and battle-rapper based in Kassel, Germany

Shane Somerville, Gold Coast based rock singer/songwriter
Lindsay Crawford, Jungle Love Festival 2017

HHAARRPP a.k.a. Luke Jaaniste, the Mesmerism Zone, Jungle Love Festival 2017

Bleach Queen a.k.a. Adam James Anderson, End of The Line Festival 2017

Michelle Vine, self-portrait with cyanotypes

Luke Janniste, the CRATE project

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Creative portraits are a powerful way to communicate your interests and energy to a potential or existing audience. Let’s chat about how I can help make your creative vision a photographic reality.

Client Testimonial

“It’s been so great to have worked with Michelle Vine and her photography on a range of my music and performance projects. Great shots, great work ethic, and always enjoyable.”

Luke Jaaniste, sound artist, director of MESMERISM INC, co-director of THEATRE OF THUNDER