About the artist

Michelle Vine is a contemporary artist from Sydney, now based in Brisbane. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Art. Michelle’s diverse practice ranges from works on paper, photography and video to digital poetry and online activism; however she always returns to the object, which occupies a central place in her oeuvre. Michelle has exhibited her work in Australia and Germany. Noteworthy exhibitions from 2017 include Quadrat with Jeanette Stok at POP Gallery Brisbane as well as Curios? at the Queensland Museum for the World Science Festival.

In 2014 Michelle was awarded the Billie Hall Bursary for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art followed by the inaugural Bonnie English Memorial Art Theory Award at the Graduate Art Exhibition 2015. As the recipient of an Australian Government ISEP Grant she travelled to Germany to extend her studies at Universität Kassel, Germany. The new direction her research-led art practice has taken since recently returning to Australia has been recognised by her success in achieving three Griffith University Honours College Research Bursaries for projects in 2016 located in Queensland and Hamburg.

Michelle is currently working on a long-term discursive research project that operates as an umbrella from which she is developing a series of object-based installations, digital cartographic works, virtual museum collections, and writing projects. The subject of her research is German Naturalist Amalie Dietrich, and the botanical, zoological and ethnographic specimens from Queensland collected by Dietrich in 1860s that remain today in museums worldwide. Fully immersed in this historical narrative, she has trained herself as an amateur naturalist retracing Dietrich’s journey in North and Central Queensland; collecting plant and insect specimens and human-made objects for the production of both scientific research and artistic works.

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